How can I recycle my empty medication blister packs?

As of April 2023, TerraCycle is working again with Superdrug in a slightly different capacity to when we partnered with them from 2020-2022 to run the blister pack recycling programme. 

TerraCycle's role in Superdrug’s blister pack recycling programme now is simply to recycle the blister packs collected in Superdrug pharmacies. TerraCycle does not manage the logistics for the recycling solution or have any say or impact on the size or day-to-day running of Superdrug’s recycling solution for medicine blister packs.

For any further questions in relation to the Superdrug recycling solution for medicine blister packs please contact the Superdrug Customer Team by email at or on the Superdrug official website.

In the meantime, TerraCycle has two paid-for solutions in the form of:

You can purchase the box or bag directly from our website, please note that the price includes the shipment, the transport as well as the recycling of the material. 


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  • Comment author
    Christine Dickinson

    I cannot recy my blister pack as superdrugs not acepting them can u poss do a bin similar to clothing banks so its easier please or its a waste of my time getting people i know to give them to me to bring ??? As yet now know where😪

  • Comment author
    Paul Roberts

    I agree wholeheartedly we have been taking empty blister packs into The Superdrug store Accrington for two years but they are refusing them now please advise where we should take them this was a really good initiative and should not be let go back into landfill.

  • Comment author
    Elizabeth Woodhouse

    Same at the Milton Keynes superdrug o
    Pharmacy store still not taking pill blister packs anymore despite the greenwashing advertisement on their website saying they do take them. It's a joke. I see no one is replying to these messages either lol.

  • Comment author
    Alicia TerraCycle Customer Care

    Good afternoon, 

    thank you for contacting us.

    TerraCycle's role in the Superdrug recycling scheme is to recycle the medicine blister packs sent to us by Superdrug pharmacies.  All programmatic decisions, including the number of participating locations and how many blister packs can be dropped off, belong to Superdrug.  If you have any questions or feedback on these topics we recommend that you email  Superdrug directly at or contact in other ways via

    For context, medicine blister packs are not typically recyclable because they cost more to collect and recycle than the resulting recycled materials are worth.  This programme is free to members of the public because Superdrug is funding the costs of collecting and recycling the waste.

    Your feedback is important, and letting manufacturers, brands, and retailers know that recycling solutions for the products you buy are important to you, will go a long way in launching and scaling these and other recycling solutions.

    Kind regards,

  • Comment author
    Christine Dickinson

    If its so hard to recycle why not change to a product that can be ??? Veg based liner and paper on the out side to the light doe'nt get to it ot grease proof it goes on , u can just see how many there must be 😪


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