What is a Zero Waste Box™?

A Zero Waste Box™ is a complete and convenient solution which includes the storage, shipping and recycling of a particular type of waste that isn't currently recycled through local councils or traditional recycling facilities.

We can recycle almost anything, from coffee capsules, snack wrappers, beauty packaging, VHS tapes to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The recycling boxes are easy to set up and use, making it the perfect option for households, schools, businesses, manufacturing and events facilities looking to increase their sustainable practices.

You can purchase a Zero Waste Box™ online in either small, medium or large sizes. The box is delivered by UPS and arrives flat packed. Simply open the Zero Waste Box™ and stand it up-right; it’s then ready for you to start putting waste in! To take a look at the full range of Zero Waste Boxes™ we provide, please click here.

Once the box is full, take a look at the prepaid shipping label attached to it and then organise the collection with UPS, we’ll recycle the contents! If you would like to recycle more waste after a Zero Waste Box™ has been collected by UPS, a new Zero Waste Box™ would need to be purchased.

Please note, our Zero Waste Box™ solutions are independent of our free recycling programmes.

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