I am a business. How do I receive the Annual Waste Transfer Note for my Zero Waste Box?

An annual waste transfer note is required for waste originating from a commercial activity. You do not need to complete a waste transfer note if you order a box for your home.

A waste transfer note is a legal document that details and records the transfer of waste from one person to another

To receive your TerraCycle® waste annual transfer note for Zero Waste Boxes, please add in your company name and company *SIC code when placing an order or creating an account on our shop.

We strongly recommend that you create an account if you wish to view your recycling history and resend the waste transfer note to yourself, should you lose your copy.

*SIC codes provide a description of your company's nature of business. If you’re unsure, please find it on the Companies House website.

Alternatively, please complete this form following instructions from our step by step guide attached to this article.

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