How can I send my parcel with InPost?

Attached to this article is a poster with step-by-step instructions for you to download. Alternatively please follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your account,
  2. Select the my programmes page,
  3. Find the programme you need to ship rubbish for and select 'request InPost QR code'

The label is sent to your registered e-mail. No need to print it! Following this, simply:

  1. Have the QR code ready on your phone when you drop off your parcel,
  2. Place your rubbish in a sturdy cardboard box (no larger than 41x38x64cm and no heavier than 15kg)
  3. Find your nearest 24/7 InPost Locker here and scan your unique QR code when you drop off your parcel.

If you're downloading multiple QR codes for multiple parcels, we recommend noting the last 4 digits of the numerical QR code and which parcel it belongs to. This means upon shipping you can ensure the correct QR code corelates to the correct parcel.

Haven't received the QR code? Follow our guide here.

Don't forget: each TerraCycle programme has a minimum shipment weight which you will need to adhere to if you wish to receive TerraCycle Points. To find out the minimum weight for your shipment, visit the programme page and look for the rewards section.

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